Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Jeffery Barrett: Without Elitist Racialism, There Is Little Racism

For+the+past+quarter+century%2C+I+have+owned+a+home+in+the+Virginia+county+where+the+now+infamous+and+embattled+Governor+Ralph+Northam+was+born+and+raised.%26nbsp%3B+Because+of+this+actual+living+experience%2C+I+was+surprised+at+the+amount+of+media+attention...: We are living in a country where the racialist political elites and their media allies are fomenting the fear of racism in a society in which race distinction has never been of so little importance.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

“Mr Jones” – exclusive first-look footage

Monash: The Forgotten Anzac

Casten, Niebuhr, Nazis, and an Embassy in Jerusalem

My Congressman's been quoting Reinhold Niebuhr but had to delete the tweet when I asked if Trump moving our Embassy to Jerusalem also Nazi like of Trump. That tweet came down although I captured it below and instead there's this sanitized version. And the notice tweet's gone...