Sunday, August 06, 2017

About Rich Miller's for the Bruce Rauner pivot

Rich tells the Guv to pivot yesterday and I agreed with a lot of what he said till this,
Rauner campaigns a lot better than he governs, however. If he finally rights his ship, he does have a chance. Committing July 27 to sign the Trust Act, which will provide strong state protection for undocumented immigrants, is a good start.
Strongly protecting undocumented immigrants while taxpayers, wage earners, and pop consumers take it on the chin (and wallet) seems a pivot towards a losing trail. 

Rauner needs Democrats in Cook County and the suburbs to win.  He needs African American votes from those dwindling numbers of them willing to stay in Illinois.  Rauner needs to go a little Trump to get those votes. 

Illinois protects enough people breaking laws.  Rauner wants to win he better start hammering Rahm Emanuel, TIFs, and the appalling degradation of life in Chicago for those outside the Northside.   If anyone needs strong protection in Illinois its the citizens of the South and West sides.

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