Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wiki leakds Podesta Dump: John Anzalone: You Pay for Socialism or Free Stuff for Everybody

Testing out some slogans against Bernie Sanders.... here's a couple they got right.

Re: Agenda for 5:30 Post NH Messaging Call - TESTING SUGGESTIONS

Jim Andrews and I have been pouring through the oppo and have a couple new possible negatives to suggest we test in the poll, since most of our attacks haven't been working. We also proposed language for a split message test between where we've been (ideas that sound good on paper/can't wait) versus the new no barriers message -- stacked up against Sanders Hope these are helpful.

YOU PAY FOR SOCIALISM Bernie Sanders says he wants to restructure America’s economy to make it work like it does in the socialist countries of Europe, providing things like free health care for everyone, free college for everyone, and free increases in Social Security for everyone. But Sanders does not mention that the middle class picks up the bill in these countries, paying nearly sixty percent of their income in taxes, three times what middle class Americans pay now.

FREE STUFF FOR EVERYBODY Bernie Sanders said –quote– “all necessities of life must be provided free for people,” and over the years he’s proposed a radical restructuring of the entire American economy to make many things free, from the gas for people’s cars to telephones and now free college and health care. To do this, Sanders proposed the complete government takeover of all oil companies, gas companies, electric utility companies, phone companies, health care companies, and all television networks. Combined, Sanders proposals would put the government in control of more than half of the American economy, but Sanders has never told anyone who would pay for all of this or how it would work. 

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