Sunday, September 18, 2016

Guardian - Syria: Coalition of US-led troops prepare to advance into Dabiq

The tweet below probably a reference to this from The Guardian,
The operation got off to a troubled start, however, with US units withdrawing to Turkey to avoid a confrontation with an Islamist opposition unit angered by their presence. The US troops had previously allied with Kurdish forces with whom the Islamists had clashed elsewhere. 
“They were the Ahrar al-Shariya group, who originally came from Deir ez-Zor,” said one opposition figure. “They didn’t quite chase them out, but the Americans thought it better that they leave.” The US troops were last night regrouping on the Turkish side of the border. 
The tension underscored the complexity of the battle for northern Syria, which is increasingly fought by vested interests who struggle to find common ground, even in pursuit of a common foe in Isis.
It's not being portrayed as an "advance" in the ME press either I suspect while very view Americans even know we have our Troops committed.

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