Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Roger L. Simon: Game Changer? Trump Makes a Play for the Black Vote

I thought Trump's West Bend speech long over due for just this reason Roger cites here.
If you thought the mainstream media has been coming down a bit hard on Donald Trump of late, you haven't seen anything yet.
In his speech Tuesday night the businessman had the temerity to hit them where they really live by going where no Republican on a presidential level has dared to go before. He declared aloud what almost everyone secretly knows, that the horrifying condition of black people in urban America is at least partly, probably largely, the fault of the media's darling, the Democratic Party. Their failed liberal policies and exploitation of blacks have been making things worse for African-Americans for decades.
Trump is right, of course. And under Obama and Clinton, the carnage has only reached new levels with people shooting each other in the streets of Chicago and Baltimore as if they were the suburbs of Raqqa.
Pushing the envelope further, the businessman made an overt pitch to black voters to come over to him for the sake of their own communities, to make their lives better by breaking the stranglehold the Democrats have had on African-Americans.
Trump didn't just pitch for the African American vote.  He pitched what Simon correctly notes what almost everyone secretly knows.  Progressives have laid waste to many communities with Blacks taking the biggest hits.

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