Thursday, August 25, 2016

Paul Johnson: The World's Exterminators

It won't be Obamacare's successes or failures we'll remember.  Obama will be remembered for failing Syria and the savage consequence of doing nothing.

Paul Johnson in Forbes, 
The EU brought a shared prosperity and ease of movement to citizens throughout much of Europe, making it a magnet for people living in neighboring poorer countries. But as war engulfed Syria–and other parts of the Middle East–and the breakdown in law and civil society there became total, what had been a stream of immigrants entering Europe became a raging flood of refugees fleeing for their lives. They overwhelmed Europe’s borders in search of safety, jobs and a better life. And hidden among the legitimate refugees have been those who create mayhem through acts of terrorism, creating fear and distrust and fanning the flames of nationalism. 
This crisis could largely have been avoided had there been a strong U.S. President in the White House. When Barack Obama had the chance and support to set up a safe zone within Syria, along the lines of the one set up in northern Iraq for the Kurds, he chose to do nothing. Now much of Syria is a ravaged shell, where various factions battle for control of its bombed-out cities. 
Without a U.S. President who is willing to take the lead and pull various groups together, there can be no path forward to counter these destabilizing forces. The past has shown us what happens when we do nothing. Let us hope that November’s election brings about a sea change, so that those who think to once again engulf the globe in war are given pause–one way or another.

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