Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Patch: Campton Hills Village Board Votes to Fire Administrator Jennifer Johnsen

The story here, and note:
The village board voted 5-1 to in favor of the dismissal, which will be effective Aug. 12, following a 2.5-hour closed door meeting on Wednesday. 
In 2014, the village board voted to reinstate Johnsen as the town’s village administrator after village president Patsy Smith placed Johnsen on paid leave due to “performance issues and for a possible Open Meetings Act Violation,” according to a December 2014 article by the Daily Herald. 
Meanwhile, Campton Hills will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday starting at 7 p.m. United Congregational Church of Christ, 40W451 Fox Mill Boulevard. Questions can be submitted to
Somebody at the Village my want to double check all the questions get submitted or that a few unsolicited ones don't appear.

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ch94 said...

It might make sense to remind Mr. Blecker and his cohorts that they are in their respective positions to represent the residents of Campton Hills, and not to indulge themselves in pursuing their own agenda behind closed doors.
The dismissal of the only professional associated with the administration of the village, and for Mr. Blecker to assume her responsibilities in the interim is, yet again, symptomatic of the high handed attitude of the Board.
I would submit that the reasons for the dismissal of Jennifer Johnsen should have been presented in open forum, as that is the only way that the residents could have decided whether there were genuine reasons for such action or if it was just another example of the worryingly secretive methods that the Board employs in their administration of the village and it's activities.
I am merely advocating that Mr. Blecker actually follows his 'open policy' that formed the majority of his mandate prior to his election.