Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Hillary Campaign Should Be Panicking

Via the Weekly Standard,

 The Hillary Campaign Should Be Panicking: If Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters isn't in a state of panic right now, it should be.
Senior operatives in Brooklyn just watched Donald Trump spend the last month flailing from one gaffe to another, all while failing to raise as much money as a mildly competitive congressional campaign. As she was bogged down with primary opponent Bernie Sanders in California, Trump never went on offense and instead spent his time insulting or scaring wide swaths of the electorate.
And yet, after the worst month of Trump's campaign, she's clinging to a lead in most swing state polls that's within the margin of error. It's time for someone in Brooklyn to pull the fire alarm. Her team has known for months what a deeply flawed candidate she is, and they smartly decided to make this election a referendum on Trump. Team Clinton has already spent millions on ads painting Trump as a crass buffoon. They've stayed on message for the last month while avoiding any unforced errors lately. Their media coverage has markedly improved since pivoting to the general, with the press fawning over her recent foreign policy speech as her best to date. She should be ahead by double digits today.

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