Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stephen Moore: Obamanomics: R.I.P.

Via Stephen Moore:  Obamanomics: R.I.P.
All of this brings me to the Republicans. Why are they stone silent on the economy and jobs, and why are they beating up Mr. Trump rather than Hillary and Mr. Obama for their economic malpractice. Every poll over the last three years finds the economy and jobs are by far the biggest voter concern. In 2007 and 2008 when the role of the parties were reversed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a blizzard of legislation to the desk of George W. Bush which he either had to veto or put his tail through his legs and sign into law. 
Where is the Republican tax cut? Where is the Republican regulatory freeze? Where is the Republican bill suspending the 50-worker rule under Obamacare or the 30-hour-a-week regulation that has forced millions of Americans into part-time jobs. Why haven’t they suspended the Clean Power Plant rules by the EPA that are putting coal miners out of work? House Speaker Paul Ryan has some wonderful policy ideas he is rolling out, but rather than talking about them, how about passing them? 
Hillary’s growth agenda is to give America more of the same. Congressional Republicans seem to have no economic agenda at all — just white papers of what they will do in the future. But to quote George Allen, “The future is now.” Congressional Republicans like to blame Mr. Trump for their precarious political predicament and lousy poll numbers. Maybe they should look in the mirror.
No kidding, gotta wonder. 

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