Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Pantagraph Editorial: Local govts. need more control over finances

From an excellent editorial on the costs to the middle class of Springfields unfunded mandates on local government.There are many other examples. These various laws and regulations may seem innocent enough, but the impact is higher property taxes.

That's why Madigan's constant claim that he is protecting the middle class is so ludicrous. Many of the policies supported by Madigan heap additional taxes onto the middle class, hamper the creation of middle class jobs and have resulted in an exodus of residents from the state.

From a governing standpoint, the more control given to local governments the better. We've been, and will continue to be, critical of decisions by local governments. But we are definitely more comfortable with decisions made by local governments than those made in Springfield.

Unfortunately, Rauner has allowed his agenda to be painted as anti-union instead of pro taxpayer. Taxpayers in Illinois are over-taxed and the property tax is a big part of that. One way to reduce taxes is to reduce the overall size of government.

But another way is to give local governments more control over their own expenses. If that were to happen, voters would more easily know where to exert pressure in order to lower property taxes.

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