Friday, March 04, 2016

Trump redefining 'so-called conservatism' one primary at a time: Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg nailing the odd moment Conservatives find themselves in.
This redefining of conservatism into Trumpism will hardly be limited to defending America’s most successful abortion mills. Donald Trump is fundamentally opposed to entitlement reform. He is vaguely for some kind of health care mandate and praises European nationalized health care systems. He suggests that those who disagree are for letting people “die in the streets.” 
Indeed, across a range of issues, Trump argues for his own brand of strong-government conservatism grounded not in, say, Bush’s faith in God, but in Donald Trump’s faith in himself. He has never shown more than the briefest nod to traditional conservative concerns about limited government, personal liberty or the Constitution. Winning is his lodestar, and he will do what is required to “win” and he will proclaim that “common sense.” Democrats can’t see it, but Trump represents a massive victory for the left in so far as he’s the first major Republican figure to successfully reject libertarianism, even rhetorically. 
If Trump is successful, liberty-oriented conservatism will be replaced by so-called common sense statism. And those who complain will be dismissed as “so-called conservatives.”

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