Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump, Ideologues, and the GOP

I've been hearing for years now from Progressives that Tea Party Ideologues and Radicals had captured the GOP. They'd made compromise impossible. So now we've got a totally non-ideological guy leading the GOP Primary who prides himself a Dealer. A non-ideological guy who may well appeal to Sander's supporters...
During MSNBC’s Iowa caucus live coverage, the cable network accidentally aired an Iowa resident saying the so-called “f-word.” 
A young woman debating over Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said, “What I want to know, I get VA. I am VA. I am a vet. My mom’s a vet. How is he going to fix it? The VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. The fact I haven’t gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so f–ked up really makes me concerned.”
Liberal ideas have worn themselves out and even Sander's supporters sour on Government Programs. A non ideological guy claiming a record of getting things done's going to appeal to a lot of people. A Conservative Ideologue might look pretty good to Progressives awfully soon.

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