Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charles Hegna, and William Stanford assassinated by Iranian Backed Terrorists

A comment on my post Charles Hegna and William Stanford, their names now lost to history.
I was a colleague of Charles Hegna, William Stanford, and Chuck Kapar working in the OIG at USAID. Here I sit retired, more than 31 years after their (Hegna, Stanford) assassination by Iranian backed terrorists who were trying to get the "Kuwait 17" released from prisons in Kuwait. Although the USG offered a $250,000 reward for their capture (the 4 Lebanese Shia hijackers) none have been brought to Justice. As far as I know the USG is doing next to nothing to bring these killers to Justice. The Iranian Nuclear negotiations would have been a good venue to get these killers sent to the USA to face justice.  
Walter E. Shepherd, retired FSO
Here's a link on the Kuwait 17 

Thaks for the comment Walter.  Willl do my best to make sure these men never forgotten.


Harry Jacobson said...

Greetings, Walter. Charles Hegna and William Stanford will never be forgotten by me. I transferred from USAID's IG/SEC to the American bureau of INTERPOL shortly before they were sent out on their fateful assignment. I hadn't been there more than a I week when I was directed to retrieve some incoming morgue photos from the laser fax machine of "a couple of stiffs" as the FBI representative called them. I had no idea who would be in the photos. As I stood there watching the roller slowly turning, their images emerged line by painful line, eventually revealing the bodies of Charles Hegna and William Stanford on their morgue slabs. I was devastated. Heartbroken. I could barely stand. Here I am an old man and retired now all these years later, and I still weep when I recall that day .

Harry Jacobson - retired Diplomatic Security

Bill Baar said...

Thanks for sharing this Harry.