Monday, February 29, 2016

Bridgeport's Secret Burrito: Supermarket Serves Up A Mean 3-Pound Burrito

Bridgeport's Secret Burrito: Supermarket Serves Up A Mean 3-Pound Burrito: This baby hits the scale at a mighty three pounds.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charles Hegna, and William Stanford assassinated by Iranian Backed Terrorists

A comment on my post Charles Hegna and William Stanford, their names now lost to history.
I was a colleague of Charles Hegna, William Stanford, and Chuck Kapar working in the OIG at USAID. Here I sit retired, more than 31 years after their (Hegna, Stanford) assassination by Iranian backed terrorists who were trying to get the "Kuwait 17" released from prisons in Kuwait. Although the USG offered a $250,000 reward for their capture (the 4 Lebanese Shia hijackers) none have been brought to Justice. As far as I know the USG is doing next to nothing to bring these killers to Justice. The Iranian Nuclear negotiations would have been a good venue to get these killers sent to the USA to face justice.  
Walter E. Shepherd, retired FSO
Here's a link on the Kuwait 17 

Thaks for the comment Walter.  Willl do my best to make sure these men never forgotten.

Duck for President

The book was a winner at the Shelter House at the playground in my old neighborhood yesterday.

Joel Kotkin: The effect race could have on the race

A quote from Joel Kotkin's The effect race could have on the race.  I expect Trump to take a surprising slice if he's the candidate.
One key factor may be African Americans, whose self-interests were submerged in service to President Obama. Trump could appeal to them with his tough stand on immigration. Nearly 70 percent of African Americans, according to a Zogby poll, think overall immigration levels are too high. If Clinton tacks too closely to the open-borders stance embraced by both the Democratic and Republican establishments, Trump may be able to slice off some of this most-solid segment of the blue electorate.

Lunch at Freddy's in Cicero, Illinois, Feb 28, 2016

Had the Porchetto sandwich at Freddy's yesterday.  B39 Olds had the Meat Balls.  Pics of the sandwiches below plust a few of the Gelato and other good stuff.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Retaking Ramadi From the Islamic State: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 11)

Bernie Sanders please come back to Chicago's Englewood

Trib finds an old photo of Sanders getting arrested at 73rd and Lowe.  An anonymous user posts this video on Youtube about it.

Bruce Dold really ought to invite Sander's back to Englewood to give a speech on what's gone right and what's gone wrong since his arrest.  Sander's has done well for himself but Englewood's sunk into violence.  A guy who felt that passionate about the community half a century ago do have been arrested should come back and reflect.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Book Discussion on The Socialist Party of America

Video of a discussion of Jack Ross's History of the Socialist Party.  A massive book but this discussion might get you out to the Library (or store) for a copy.  It's well worth the read IMO and dispels some orthodox interpretations of recent American History.  
Jack Ross talked about his book The Socialist Party of America, a critical history of the Socialist Party of America. Commentary was provided by Eric Arnesen, J. Arthur Bloom, Ernest Evans, Samuel Goldman, and Jon Basil Utley.

J. Arthur Bloom: The Socialist Party And The Old Right

Some might find the Koch's brothers finding common ground with Bernie Sanders a little odd, but the Old Right and American Socialists have shared platforms many times in the past. Here's a Getty Image of one such moment,
 UNITED STATES - MAY 23: Chief participants in anti-war rally in Madison Square Garden pledge allegiance to American flag. Senator Wheeler, Charles A. Lindbergh, novelist Kathleen Norris, and Socialist leader Norman Thomas (l. to r.), salute flag with old Nazi arm salute. (Photo by Charles Hoff/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
And here's from J. Arthor Bloom's piece on the The Socialist Party And The Old Right
I’d like to close with a final anecdote about one of my favorite libertarian women, Vivian Kellems, founder of a cable grip company who courageously fought income tax withholding, saying if the government wanted to turn her into a tax collector, they “have to pay me, and I want a badge.” In 1950 this quintessential capitalist ran for senate in Connecticut, sharing an independent ticket with the Socialist mayor of Bridgeport, Jasper McLevy. When asked about the contradiction, she replied:
The Connecticut Socialist Party is far to the right of both the Republican and Democratic Parties. . … I am no Socialist, I am an American. Jasper McLevy is also an American, a truly great one. He and I stand for the same things – direct primaries, economy in government, lower taxes, and an active political role for women.
65 years later, we are still ruled by the same duocracy Kellems and McLevy put aside their differences to oppose, and next year we will in all likelihood face another non-choice between two big-government, pro-war candidates. Jack’s book is, among other things, a look back into the days when a republican alternative was not a formless nostalgia, but a living tradition which gave the war party a run for their money, and may even have prevailed had history not intervened. Today the same tradition lies abused and neglected, a frame without flesh. It falls to the next generation, God willing, to make those old bones stand and walk again.
Those well meaning people in that picture naively using a Nazi salute in the pledge of allegience to the United States ought to give some pause about fleshing out those old bones. Fact's America's been here before though and Radicals and Conservatives sometimes unite in opposition to Liberalism. It's not unusual at all.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Express Tribune: 20 nations, including Pakistan join major military manoeuvre in Saudi

Pakistan's a nuclear power too.  Some seem to forget that.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trump, Ideologues, and the GOP

I've been hearing for years now from Progressives that Tea Party Ideologues and Radicals had captured the GOP. They'd made compromise impossible. So now we've got a totally non-ideological guy leading the GOP Primary who prides himself a Dealer. A non-ideological guy who may well appeal to Sander's supporters...
During MSNBC’s Iowa caucus live coverage, the cable network accidentally aired an Iowa resident saying the so-called “f-word.” 
A young woman debating over Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said, “What I want to know, I get VA. I am VA. I am a vet. My mom’s a vet. How is he going to fix it? The VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. The fact I haven’t gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so f–ked up really makes me concerned.”
Liberal ideas have worn themselves out and even Sander's supporters sour on Government Programs. A non ideological guy claiming a record of getting things done's going to appeal to a lot of people. A Conservative Ideologue might look pretty good to Progressives awfully soon.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Blog: Bernie Sanders’s 1963 stay at a Stalinist kibbutz

Blog: Bernie Sanders’s 1963 stay at a Stalinist kibbutz

Sen Phil Rock: No body calls to say hello

I used to see him at Democratic Party fund raisers at the Mar Lac House. It was a different kind of Democratic Party then.

Marathon Pundit: (Photos) Abandoned homes in Chicago's violent Nort...

Marathon Pundit: (Photos) Abandoned homes in Chicago's violent Nort...: Last week I visited another of the Chicago neighborhoods that would be classified as overlooked were it not for its high crime rate--this ti...
MP visits Lawndale.  I've been mistake for a Real Estate investor during my trips around Chicago.  I asked a guy who mistook me for one where I should be investing if I were one.  He paused and then said, Englewood.

A friend of mine lives in Lawndale on Millard.  If Chicago ever got it's finances together and the crime down, it would be a valuable stretch of street.

Jeffrey Eisenach: The Progressive crackup

Eisenach has a good piece on Progressives's long running battle over bigness.
The debate then was over “bigness” — specifically the emergence of industrial giants known as “trusts” — and it was fresher and hence even more politically potent than today. As business historian Thomas McCraw put it, the big corporations that rose up out of the Industrial Revolution “seemed to be mutations, the consequence of some sinister tampering with the natural order of things … powerful new political forces which must be opposed in the name of American democracy.” For more than 50 years — from before the passage of the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887 until the culmination of the New Deal in the late 1930s — this debate occupied politicians at all levels and from both parties, and played a defining role in presidential politics. Who can forget the political cartoon depicting Teddy Roosevelt wielding his “big stick,” not at foreign adversaries but at American corporations — the oil and railroad trusts? The quest to reign in big business was the motivating principle and central purpose of the Progressive Movement.
Sanders sounded as though he jumped into the small bucket at that last debate rambling about braking up the Big Banks without telling us much on how. Chop the big Banks into how many small ones? Socialists once scoffed at such nonsense.
In one of the many historic excerpts from the forthcoming 100th anniversary issue of The Progressive magazine, Socialist Norman Thomas scoffs at Republican accusations that FDR is a "socialist." No socialist, Thomas explains, would stage a short-term government takeover of the banks, only to return them once they were solvent to the same Wall Street millionaires who broke them in the first place. - See more at:

Spies Must Die. Snake in the Grass. Episode 1. Military Detective Story....

Spies Must Die. Snake in the Grass. Episode 1. Military Detective Story.... My stepson got me a chromcast and I've been watching Belarus TV series with it. The Military Detective series is kind of an NKVD meets CIS style of show. They're good.

The Chicagoist: The 16 Best Old Man Bars In Chicago

A fellow old man sent me this link. I know almost all of these places and have had a couple in many of them.

Hillary Celebrates Facebook Friends Day

Hillary Celebrates Facebook Friends Day

Hillary celebrates Friends Day with those who have contributed so much to her campaigns.

Posted by Reason Magazine on Friday, February 5, 2016
No way Democrats nominate her. She's way too rich a target for stuff like this.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Zika Virus in the Americas — Yet Another Arbovirus Threat — NEJM

If you want the low down on it.  Use bug spray my advice.

Zika Virus in the Americas — Yet Another Arbovirus Threat — NEJM: Perspective from The New England Journal of Medicine — Zika Virus in the Americas — Yet Another Arbovirus Threat