Friday, January 22, 2016

Big Banks, Big Medicine, and Bernie Sanders

Strange Sanders calls for breaking up Big Banks (into how many Small Banks) yet wants a single payer Healthcare system which would need to be a really Big Payer to sort out the thousands of Medical Interventions into what will be paid and what won't.  

Why bigness works for one industry and not another a curious question.  Seems a real Socialist would want to Nationalize Banks as indeed they once did as Ruth Coniff writes...

In one of the many historic excerpts from the forthcoming 100th anniversary issue of The Progressive magazine, Socialist Norman Thomas scoffs at Republican accusations that FDR is a "socialist." No socialist, Thomas explains, would stage a short-term government takeover of the banks, only to return them once they were solvent to the same Wall Street millionaires who broke them in the first place. - See more at:

Why big works in one Industry and not another worth asking the Senator.

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