Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Trump's Muslim Immigration dodge on hard truths.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting a war with proxies in Syria and Iraq; Africa and Yemen. That fight's pitched Sunni and Shia against each other in a fearsome slaughter with a lot of collateral butchery including terror attacks like San Bernardino.

Obama's convinced each side we favor the other and their war's dragging the world into it. GOP candidates got to get real on strategy on ending this war and confronting the strategic threat of a nuclear Iran.

Trump's offering a dumb solution that doesn't protect the US at home, doesn't defeat ISIS, doesn't confront Iran's growing nuclear threat, and doesn't deal with the collapse of the Middle East and Putin's meddling in it. It's a pure political response and the kind of emotional politics we get from Obama. 

The GOP and America deserve better. We're in deep trouble if this is it.

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