Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pfarrer Streccius: Syrian statement of civil disobedience

Pfarrer Streccius: Syrian statement of civil disobedience:  A repost from another blog page I used to keep.  From 2011 and a statement from the long gone Syrian Revolution.  Folks we should have supported then to avoid the disaster we face now.

Finding this on Syrian Facebook pages.

Arabic to English translation

Syrian statement of civil disobedience

Date: April 29, 2011 until 6 May 2011 subject to renewal.

Location: all over Syria.

Given the suffering of our people, the Syrian peaceful unarmed people at the hands of this regime and his gang criminal of premeditated murder and genocide and the siege of brutal for some regions and in the atmosphere of the media blackout, We, the Syrian people civil disobedience across the country even lifted the siege and Taathakiq all the demands of our people fair.

Terms of disobedience:

1 - to maintain a peaceful civil disobedience.

2 - excluding staff and workers and students over time and most important in civil disobedience.

3 - to refrain from the use of transportation and means of transport as much as possible.

4 - to refrain from shopping and only the luxuries of food necessary.

5 - to refrain from the use of cellular and regular phone, except in cases of extreme necessity.

6 - failure of traders and shopkeepers from opening their stores except food stores necessary.

7 - to refrain from paying all taxes and bills and outstanding loans from the state.

8 - to withdraw funds deposited in Syrian banks, both governmental and private.

9 - personal initiative, you are free to choose the form of disobedience, to each according to its location and potential.

10 - put black flags in the lanes and in the storefronts and entrances to buildings.

Note: does not include civil disobedience, bakeries, hospitals, pharmacies and Almtajralgmae.

Very civil disobedience:

The weakest of faith that we are not silent and satisfied with the ongoing assault, murder, torture and genocide to our people Are you satisfied ???

And twitch movement and aspects of life in all sectors to stop the massacres and lifting the siege on our people and achieving the just demands of the Syrian people in freedom and dignity.

Signatories: Syrian people free

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