Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Clinton's Emails, Snowden, and Petreaus

If you doubt the seriousness of Clinton's email service then recall Petraeus nearly did time for his mishandling of classified materials, and Manning and John Kiriakou did.  

Via Trevor Timm's interview with Daniel Ellsberg ( a guy who knows something about leaks) in The Guardian,

The sweetheart deal the Justice Department gave to former CIA director David Petraeus for leaking top secret information compared to the stiff jail sentences other low-level leakers have received under the Obama administration has led to renewed calls for leniency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. And no one makes the case better than famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

Ellsberg, the first person ever charged under the Espionage Act or any other statute for leaking the Pentagon Papers to Congress and seventeen newspapers, told me on Thursday: "The factual charges against [Edward Snowden] are not more serious, as violations of the classification regulations and non-disclosure agreements, than those Petraeus has admitted to, which are actually quite spectacular."

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