Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Roskam Blasts Final Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Jul 14, 2015 
Press Release
"This deal all but ensures Iran will become a nuclear power in our lifetime."

WASHINGTON, DC–Today, Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06), co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, released the following statement after the P5+1 announced a final nuclear agreement with Iran.
“Nearly two years ago, I cautioned the Obama administration against striking a nuclear deal with Iran that shifts our longstanding policy of prevention to a dangerous policy of containment. The final agreement reached today marks a U-turn on economic sanctions that were working to cripple Iran’s economy and force meaningful, permanent concessions from the regime. In fact, this deal all but ensures Iran will become a nuclear power in our lifetime, defeating from the outset the Obama administration’s own long-stated goal of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran.   
“In the coming years, Tehran will receive billions in additional sanctions relief and regain the ability to buy and sell not only conventional weapons, but also ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead—all with explicit support of the U.S government, until now an unthinkable proposition. Meanwhile, most nuclear restraints under this deal will soon expire, leaving the mullahs with a revitalized economy and a cleared path to a bomb. Perhaps worst of all, this agreement legitimizes and rewards the world’s chief state-sponsor of international terrorism—responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and countless other innocent lives—with reintegration into the international community. Therefore, I plan to not only strongly oppose this deal, but urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to do the same.”
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