Friday, April 10, 2015

Changes and Laughs in the Village of Campton Hills

Campton Hill's President-Elect Harry Blecker via mySuburbanLife  Campton Hills poised for change with new leadership

Blecker said he will not reappoint William Braithwaite as village attorney but most likely expects to appoint Julie Tappendorf, who served as the legislative council to trustees. Blecker said he also expects to reappoint Police Chief Dan Hoffman, but probably not until the board's second meeting in May and only if the chief is agreeable to it. Smith tried several times to deny reappointment to Hoffman, but the board majority blocked her.

In an email, Smith cautioned that Blecker "should weigh the evidence before extending Chief Hoffman's term." Both Blecker and Hoffman did not respond, except to laugh. Village Administrator Jennifer Johnsen said she is ready to work with a new board.

Responding with a laugh a bad habit in my  experience.   They come back to haunt.

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