Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday's Press Conference on the West Side Presidential Library bid

Via Press Release...

Highlights from the Presidents' Day Press Conference

Photo credits: Tony Stewart and Nicole "Nikki" Harvey.

Thanks to our elected officials for standing up for the West Side Presidential Library bid during the West Side Black Elected Officials' press conference. We thank the Friends of the West Side Presidential Library and everyone who played a role in the coordination of the press conference, as well as those of you who came out to support it. The turnout was great in spite of the fact that there were no flyers for the event and it was not very well publicized. Thank God for social media, and those of you who assisted in sharing posts, retweeting announcements and forwarding emails.

We thank Garfield Major and Congressman Davis for announcing the event on the radio. We thank ABC for announcing the event without us asking. We thank Alderman Chandler for running the media alert in his newsletter. We thank John Viramontes and the Council for Artists' Rights for sharing the flyer in their newsletter.

We had at least 6 cameras from local media, as well as reporters from print media.  Craig Dellimore, North Lawndale's own Tanya Francisco, Charles Thomas and Joanie Lum were among the television and radio journalists present. The written press included reporters from the North Lawndale Community News and the Austin Voice.  We thank the press for giving voice to the West Side bid.

So far, the following stories have come about as a direct result of the press conference:


Community leaders urge President Obama to choose UIC for library

West Side Officials Say North Lawndale Obama Library Site Would Have Biggest Impact

Obama library decision quickly approaching

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