Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cindy Gorn on Occupy Wall Street

Found this on a Dutch Website.  Gorn's one of those arrested for assaulting a cop in NYC. I translated to English using Google Translate.

CINDY Gorn, 26 YEARS: "OWS stands at a crossroads"

OWS has opened a space in which people talk about their everyday lives. Before they did that but it was just bitching (groan). OWS since they make the connection between their personal problems and what happens to society. In particular, I speak from my experience in the student movement. I was there already actively began to OWS.

I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia. I studied geography and spent a year in Vietnam, where I worked on a project about landmines. Currently I am both student and teacher. I do my doctoral studies and to help defray those I teach a course in "Urban Affairs' at Hunter College. Since the beginning of OWS, I am particularly active in coordinating the actions of OWS and the students. The student movement is an important part of OWS and not only because they provide many foot soldiers for demonstrations. She also has a lot of raised. The students keep their own GI (general meetings) which they use direct democracy techniques that they have learned from OWS. They have their own requirements, but which fit seamlessly with what OWS stands for. For the students of the private universities, the problem is that they have to go deeper into debt to finance their studies while their job prospects are getting worse. The average debt of a recent graduate of NYU (New York University) is 37 000 dollars. Together, student borrowers for more than $ 800 billion in debt. The students of the much cheaper CUNY (City University of New York, with 480 000 students) where Hunter College is part, have that problem less. But they suffer the consequences of the budget cuts that affect the quality of their education. Both groups are confronted with the consequences of the breakdown of society but in a different way. That difference in experience playing with. So we have to give up the occupation of a building of the New School after a week because of opposition from students that private univ. The Cuny students who come from disadvantaged environments, identify more with OWS.

The disagreements in the student movement and OWS are the same. Usually it is between radicals and conciliationists. After a brutal police action against the violent resistance of students at Baruch College you had a discussion in the student GIs which advocated one camp for training in self-defense and tougher actions and the other for their own security forces and cooperation with the police. OWS is now at a crossroads. Either the movement refuse to be pinned down to specific requirements and continues to harden her criticism of the whole system of injustice. Either let them recruit by the Democrats and their union partners who have their own system-perpetuating agenda and in 2012 absorbed by the election circus.

And here's a screen scrape of the page in Dutch, http://www.jacquelinegoossens.com/OWS/OWS_portretten.html

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