Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heard at the Ogilvie Center

Once the Chicago's Northwestern Station aka Ogilvie Transportation Center had extensive bath facilities for intercity travelers including showers, barbershop, and anything else a guy would need to look good. 

Now the men's room has a single and narrow 'L' shaped entrance through which two averaged size fellows  can't really pass.  In a rush you kind of negotiate passage, and last week's deliberations were aggravated by two homeless guys using the electrical outlet midway in the hall to recharge their cell phones.  Chronically homeless guys with all of their stuff packed up with them too.

Waiting in the now longer line to get by, I heard one of the homeless ask the other if there weren't outlets in the food court they could use.  His colleague replied that wasn't allowed.  Their only access to power was this outlet in the John's entrance.  The partner said, "shit, I can smoke pot legally now in Illinois but I can't charge my phone in the food court?"

"Yeah no kidding I mumbled" as I slide sideways past them.


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