Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oberweis’s coast to the acceptable 40% showing

Came home yesterday to a well done package of Rauner for Governor literature with a personal note from the worker who walked my neighborhood.  I've seen his ads on Fox.  Friend of Rahm or not, the guy's running a campaign hitting Illinois's Progressive fixtures hard.  So where's Oberweis?  There's plenty going on now to hit Durbin.  Where's my Oberweis mailer?


Why hold back?  The only solid reason to have voted for him in the primary was he could self-fund the long hard slog against Durbin.  So what game's our Chess Player playing?


Jiri the Czech tells me Oberweis's taking a fall.  He's been paid off to not campaign hard.


 Couldn't quite figure out what would make Jim jump until another friend-in-the know with a gift-of-analysis told me,


"Agreed (with Jiri). He (Oberwis) really wants to be accepted by the establishment, to the detriment of actually campaigning."

"He replaced most of his staff after the primary.  Now he is going to coast to a 40% showing and retire respectfully."


Ahh, so that's the game.  No complicated Chess strategy; just comfortable Illinois GOP Establishmentism.  And the righties worried Rauner was too progressive.  Heck, better half-a-conservative willing to fight, than a sleepy GOP stalwart.


Say It Ain't So Jim, Say it Ain't So.

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Cal Skinner said...

Oberweis sent his McHenry-Lake County Coordinator to the Algonquin Township GOP meeting on Monday night.