Thursday, June 19, 2014

Senator Kirk and policing the Wait Times at the Hines VA Hospital

Trib writes Kirk blasts new VA directive.   A cooler Senator might chat with his staff first.  The VA's Network Office invites them quarterly to a Congressional meeting where the VA updates them on things like waits and delays for care, and --more importantly-- Congressional Staff update VA on constituent's complaints.  Kirk might want to check how many of those complaints were on delays  (assuming Kirk's staff attended?)
As for policing data and reports, well, the VA has a bi monthly report on average waits by clinic.  Why doesn't the Director at Hines pin that report on the board in the lobby with the phone numbers Vets can call if the published waits don't jibe with their experiences?
Ever notice that big board Elmhurst Hospital has along the Ike with their current Emergency Room wait times?  No reason VA can't do a low budget version in every VA Hospital Lobby for every vet or interested citizen to check.
They'll be less blasting, and more common sense in the politicized healthcare system we've given Veterans. 

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