Sunday, April 13, 2014

Haven't been blogging much

Other endeavors took all of my time and energy the past few months so I've had little time for blogging. I will try and post on the Gov race. It's way too important for Illinois not to put some time into that. Today's Editorial in the Trib gives a few of the reasons.
Meanwhile, millions of Illinoisans have come to know this decade as among the most treacherous in two centuries of statehood. It's a time of paltry growth, of stubborn joblessness that ranks second nationwide — yet also a time of headlines about this or that politician, rushing pell mell to raise taxes. Those officials have cornered themselves: The imbalance between the spending they (or their predecessors) foolishly promised and their current revenue really is that huge.
We have arrived at what finally looks to be a pivotal juncture in the darkening arc of Illinois history. More politicians are coming to realize the truth that Madigan spoke three years ago. It is, as he partially admitted in a House debate last week, a truth he helped create: Illinois is overpromised, overspent, overborrowed. Present trajectories point to doom. So the race for luscious new revenue is quickening.
 Please follow Illinois Review in the meantime or Kerrry Lester.  Two of the best on what's happening in this state.

Spring finally...  sat on the porch this AM with my coffee.  About time.  It's been a very long winter.

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