Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dan Proft on Education Equality

For Progressives there's Equality and then there's Equaility.  Dan Proft today on one kind Progressives of the Teacher's Union sort quite willing to tolerate because the losing out is their fault, certainly not the teacher's.
2013 NAEP test scores are in for Illinois. 2/3rds of Illinois 4th graders do NOT read at 4th grade level. Nearly 2/3rds of Illinois 4th graders CANNOT do 4th grade level math. With all of this talk about equality from the Left, what about equality of educational opportunity for children left to rot in school systems that do not educate and have not educated children for successive generations? How much longer shall we rationalize systems that discriminate and thus foreclose opportunities based on zip code and HH income? Per the Left's after-the-fact prescriptions for the ravages of central planning, they won't be able to raise the minimum wage high enough, extend transfer payments long enough, or create social welfare schemes expansive enough to retrofit adults with critical thinking skills they should've acquired as children.


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