Friday, December 13, 2013

Yuval Levin: Pressing the Panic Button?

Yuval Levin writes the Admininstraion's
.....asking insurers to pay claims for consumers who haven't paid their premiums, to treat out-of-network doctors and hospitals as though they were in-network, and to pay for prescription drugs not actually covered by the plans they offer.
The move also puts HHS in the position of playing the role central manager of the American health-care system—telling private insurers to do various things that have nothing in particular to do with the law, as though they work for the government. It is an eerie prefiguration of where the administration would like to get with this system, but it's also surely something they didn't want to be doing so publicly at this stage.

Almost at though Obama's Nationalized the Carriers but without paying anything for them.  Just issuing the orders now on how they'll do business.


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