Thursday, December 05, 2013

Those Pro Rauner AFSCME members

Over at Capitol Fax Rich Miller finds it a bit far-fetched that Rauner would have union support,

Rauner, by the way, was on Roe Conn's show yesterday and claimed he's been meeting with AFSCME members and teachers…
"Many of them are supporting our campaign."
You gotta wonder what his definition of "many" is.
Listen to the interview…
 Consider half of AFSCME's membership bailed in Wisconsin when given a chance.  It's not far-fethed to think there's a similar disenchament in Illinois and AFSCME members who might think a solvent Illinois the best gurantee of their economic security... now, and in the future.  Yeah, they could be talking to Rauner's campagin.

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