Monday, November 25, 2013

Times of Ottawa: Tea Party to host think tank leader and governor candidate Nov. 26

Last weekend it was Rauner and Walsh at a town hall on term limits.  Now it's Rauner and Tillman at a Tea Party forum.

A prominent leader of a state-based think tank and a Republican gubernatorial candidate both will speak at the next meeting of the Bureau-La Salle Tea Party at the Elks Lodge, 800 E. Walnut St., Oglesby, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26.

John Tillman, founder and CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute — one of the nation's most prominent political think tanks— and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner are scheduled to appear.

Organizer Art Havenhill said, as head of the Illinois Policy Institute, Tillman has transformed what many wrote off as a solidly Democrat state into a place ripe for free market reform.
Interesting combinations setting up.  Rauner's priorities seem to be attracting Tea Party folks despite all the talk on those houses and connections to the Mayor of Chicago.

        Havenhill listed Rauner's top priorities if elected:
  • Jobs: Bruce will make improving Illinois' business climate his top priority. He will: Get rid of the Quinn-Madigan tax hikes and replace them with an overhaul of the tax code. Create Right-to-Work zones, allowing localities to decide whether workers must join a union. He wants to enact tort reform and limit lawsuit abuse. Reform the workers' compensation system to make Illinois competitive with neighboring states.
  • Reform state government: Allow state workers to choose whether they want to join a government employees union. Control spending, because bigger government means more corruption. Cap the current pension system and move towards a defined contribution system.
  • Improve education: Rauner believes students deserve the nation's best schools. To achieve that goal, he will reward the best performing teachers and hold poor performing teachers accountable.
  • Term limits: Rauner believes too many state officeholders seem more interested in building a political career than serving voters. Bruce will fight for term limits to eliminate the entrenched power structure in Springfield.
Havenhill asked participants to come prepared with questions for both speakers to hear their ideas as to "how the sad situation of our state can be solved."

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