Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quincy Herald-Whig: State Senators Cullerton and Sullivan contrast their districts

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and Sen. John Sullivan, D-Rushville compare districts at Quincy University,
Sullivan and Cullerton described the differences between their Senate districts to the QU students. Sullivan has the largest geographic district in the state Senate with about 600,000 square miles in it. Cullerton's district is one of the smallest, with about eight square miles, including Wrigley Field.

Both men have about 220,000 residents in their districts.

Cullerton said Sullivan's district also is different because people in Western Illinois usually know their local lawmakers. He said Chicago area lawmakers often are not well recognized because constituents often look more to the Chicago mayor and City Council or to members of Congress.

Cullerton praised Western Illinois for its low unemployment rates and the way the Tri-State Development Summit has fostered cooperation and partnership on projects across state lines from Western Illinois, to Northeast Missouri and Southeast Iowa.
Cullerton's right.  Stuck between more colorful Aldermen and Federal Reps, Chicago's State Senators and Reps to get overlooked.  My guess they prefer it that way.

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