Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Affordable Care Act: Extend or not to Extend?

From KHN's Humana Exec Predicts Obamacare Open Enrollment Extension,

America's Health Insurance Plans, the insurance industry lobbying group, opposes any move to extend enrollment.

Robert Zirkelbach, spokesman for the group, told CQ Healthbeat: "Going beyond this proposal by delaying the individual mandate and/or extending the open enrollment period past March 31 could have a destabilizing effect on insurance markets, resulting in higher premiums and coverage disruptions for individuals and families."

The American Academy of Actuaries sent a Nov. 5 letter to Capitol Hill with a similar message, urging lawmakers to "consider the potential adverse consequences of such an action."

An Extension tanks the actuaries's projections and opens up the potential of more and sicker enrollees.  My bet's Humana's Exec's wrong here on any extension.

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