Friday, October 18, 2013

Team Quincy: Schock not real concerned about the conservative label anymore

The Team writes,

Remember when Congressman Aaron Schock was so upset with Bruce Rauner (or whoever it was) for running those radio ads saying he wasn't conservative enough?
Apparently those days are over.
Here's what he had to contribute to the discussion when the Republicans had a meeting on Wednesday to figure out how best to bend to the will of the President..
Representative Aaron Schock of Illinois said the lesson of the episode was that Boehner should cut out the far-right flank and work with centrist Democrats.

Chicago's Mayor Eugene Sawyer was once asked by a reporter, just days after being named Mayor, what he had learned from the senior Mayor Daley. After a thoughtful pause, Sawyer said, "You never have to take back things you don't say".
Words Schock ought remember.

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