Friday, October 18, 2013

Rich Miller goes Joe Walsh on the Gov Interviews

Rich Miller comes out as a new Joe Walsh fan after catching Walsh's interview with Bruce Rauner. 

....Walsh's interview was by far the best, most comprehensive I've ever heard of Bruce Rauner. He's actually quite good at this. I'm now a fan. No joke. Listen to the show yourself

 I heard most of the interview too and agree it was the best in depth interview with Rauner I've heard and Rauner did very well in it.  
I heard Dillard a few days later with John and Amy and thought Dillard devastated Rauner though on the Stu Levine relationship.  Miller picked that up too including a link to the audio. 
Stu Levine on the payroll a far bigger deal than waffling around on Same Sex Marriage.  I've yet to hear Rauner respond to Levine to my liking.

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