Friday, September 13, 2013

The case for Dan Rutherford



In introducing Rutherford, Greg Witzleb, chairman of the Lee County Republican Central Committee, praised him as someone who reaches out to different communities.


"He believes that the Republican Party should include everyone. He has spoken to every ethnic group in Illinois," said Witzleb, a Lee County Board member. "You can be a real conservative, but be able to work with people who don't agree with you."


That was a Rutherford theme. He promised to work with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel – not a GOP favorite – to reduce crime on the South Side, which, Rutherford argued, hurts the state's reputation.


He noted that he was a regular attendee of events in religious communities ranging from Hindu to Greek Orthodox.


In 2010, he got 22 percent of the vote in Chicago. A Republican needs 20 percent in Chicago to win a statewide race, he said.

Also, he noted that he had received 66,000 more votes than Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, did in his victorious campaign the same year.

I don't know if Rutherford's that much more Liberal than Dillard or Brady, but I know he seems to work harder at meeting Illinoisans than the others.  That shows in this piece from above.  The guy is a tireless campaigner.  He's numbers in the last election showed it.

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