Friday, September 06, 2013

Reports : On Syria: Has Iran Begun to Back Down? / AL JAZEERA – IRAN DOESN’T LIKE CHEMICAL WEAPONS

More from Al Jazeera Arabic...  Iran knows better than most country's the effects of Chemical Weapons. 
Reports : On Syria: Has Iran Begun to Back Down? / AL JAZEERA – IRAN DOESN'T LIKE CHEMICAL WEAPONS

We cannot assume that Rouhani's statement on Twitter (which is banned in Iran) suggests a new Iranian position. However, these tweets are not only Rouhani's personal opinion, but also reflect a possible change in Tehran's stance. Although Iran will obscure this change with an ethical pretext, the actual issue might be deeper; it is possible that it is related to Iran's inability to manoeuvre on the Syrian question. In contrast to previous discourse, the words 'extremist militant groups' are not found in Rouhani's tweets. This may be the beginning of the Iranian president's quest to follow a more moderate path in Iranian foreign policy on a number of issues, including Syria. Furthermore, Tehran does not want to overstep the Russian position, especially since the Russian government has already softened its position.
The content and tone within the discourse of political and military leaders in Iran clearly indicate a declining possibility of a military confrontation between Iran and the Western powers over Syria. The remarks by the Revolutionary Guards commanders, however, previously asserted that any military action against Syria was a direct strike against Iran. Recent statements have been warnings to the United States that crossing the red line in Syria would have disastrous repercussions (Deutsche Welle, 2013), that the subsequent situation in the region would not be in Israel's favour, and that Iran would be forced to defend itself against direct and indirect threats (Al Hayat, 2013).

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