Friday, September 13, 2013

Bruce Rauner on increasing the House and shrinking the Senate

Via The Reeder Report,

RR: You'd increase the size of the House and shrink the size of the Senate. What's the thought behind that?

RAUNER: First it shrinks the size of the Legislature so we save on salaries, pensions and staff. But the real driver is to make it easier for a challenger to take on an incumbent. … Three House members would be elected from each Senate district. [Currently only two are elected from each Senate district.] The power of that is that each member of House doesn't have the built-in advantage of already representing half of the district, if they run for Senate.

I'd like to go back to casting three-ballots for one Rep too.  I think it was Quinn who was behind getting rid of that in the name of reform.


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