Monday, August 05, 2013

KCC: GOP governor candidates make a stop in Elburn

Kane County Chronicles coverage of the Kane County Western Township's fundraiser. Dan Rutherford gets quoted with emphasis on jobs,
Rutherford, the Illinois State Treasurer, said Sunday that his platform is simple.
"My priority is jobs, jobs, jobs," he said. "Everything else we do is secondary today other than jobs."
His plan for bolstering job creation, he said, is to help business owners cut through the "bureaucracy of state government."
As far as solving the state's more than $80 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, Rutherford said pension reforms need to be done "fairly and substantively."


The others talk pension reform.  Get Illinois growing again and than reform gets a lot easier.


No words here from Bruce Rauner on Social Issues.  He's got to quit the waffle on Right-to-Life and Same-Sex-Marriage and I'm not certain the stand matters much as just taking the stand.

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