Sunday, August 04, 2013

Dan Rutherford at Campton Township Meet and Greet

Campton Townships GOP held a Meet and Greet for Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford this afternoon. Rutherford's been all over Illinois the past few years posting it all on Facebook.

I feel like he's part of the family sometimes 'cause he keeps popping up on my feed with all of his goings about Illinois

He had a question on who he'd pick for Lt Gov and he said first what you'd expect about a person qualified to be Guv in his absense, and then someone who'd diversify the slate.

But then he added he'd give his LG a portfolio for Job Creation and to streamline Government's interface with small business as the folks who really create jobs.

 A local florist jumped on that with a story about Illinois website for reporting sales taxes. It froze, the florist called the webmaster, and the customer service from the State guy on the other end of the phone wasn't stellar. System's broke, try later.

Rutherford said he'd be announcing this job description for an LG with a mission, other than attending funerals, at an up coming Pilsen Chamber of Commerce event. It's an organization he's spoken to before and Rutherford pointed me to this video.

Rutherford's impressed me as a tireless campaigner. The only issue that differentiates him as other than conservative his vote on Civil Unions (but that's Libertarian). Rutherford said he voted for parental notification while Dillard voted present so he doesn't buy there's only two conservatives in the race frame.

A nice presentation. Campton's a Conservative place and Rutherford won some friends there today.

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