Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modern Healthcare: Walgreens, Blues team up on exchange campaign

Via Modern Healthcare,
Walgreens, the nation's largest drugstore chain, is teaming up with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Associationon a national campaign to educate the public about new state health insurance exchanges and opportunities to sign up for expanded coverage starting Oct. 1.
Through, a website launched by the two organizations, consumers have access to information about eligibility, enrollment and benefits under the new healthcare reform law. And nearly all of the more than 8,000 Walgreens stores across the country will include informational brochures and signs to promote the new insurance exchanges. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has member health plans in 38 states.

"The Affordable Care Act will expand access to health insurance for millions of Americans and broaden health benefits, but many Americans have had little experience purchasing health coverage and are confused about what the law means to them," Maureen Sullivan, BCBSA senior vice president of strategic services and chief strategy officer, said in a release. "Our partnership with Walgreens is another example of our commitment to ensuring that all Americans have the tools they need to understand these changes and access affordable health insurance coverage that meets their needs."

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Walgreen's and BCBSA's Maureen Sullivan ought to take a hard looks at the NFL's decision to back off shilling for Obamacare. An unpopular law that Walgreen's has a big financial hook into, and a law likely to bomb with great expense to the Taxpayer.  A flop Progressives will quickly stick on greedy Insurance companies too.

 Doesn't Walgreens have some PR people who might point out this is a lousy Government Program to hook their brand too?

Even if it does payout, will it pay long term? 

A brand takes years to build and can get pretty sullied in just a day

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