Friday, July 12, 2013

Metra CEO memo alleges more Madigan influences -

Alex Clifford’s golden parachute makes sense now.  He’s got dirt on heavy hitters.

“In the last year, I have refused on several occasions to make employment-related decisions based upon political sponsorship or support of an employee or applicant by members of the Illinois legislature,” he wrote. “As a result, Mr. O’Halloran and Mr. Huggins have criticized my conduct.”
And no refusal was more damaging than his rebuking of Madigan, the memo suggested.

In March 2012, Madigan contacted a Metra lobbyist and informed him that he would like Patrick Ward, a labor relations specialist with the agency, to receive a raise, according to the memo. The speaker also asked that another unnamed individual be given a job, Clifford wrote.

Clifford said he ordered his staff not to respond to the requests, but the issue resurfaced six months later when then-Chairman Huggins said that he had heard from Madigan and the speaker wanted Ward to be given a pay increase. The memo states that Clifford refused the request, saying it would be against state law.

“An argument with Mr. Huggins ensued over my failure to do so,” Clifford wrote.

Read the whole thing.  This is how Illinois got into the mess it’s in. Metra CEO memo alleges more Madigan influences -

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