Thursday, July 18, 2013

Congresswomen Cheri Bustos votes with GOP to delay Obamacare

Via CNN,
The GOP campaign committees have made a top priority of putting Democrats in competitive districts - specifically those elected in 2012 - on the defensive on health care. And in fact the list of those who supported the GOP bills mirrored a list of Democrats whom Republicans believe they can defeat in 2014.
Illinois freshman Rep. Cheri Bustos is one of the House GOP's targets. She voted with Republicans on both bills to postpone the mandates and told CNN she has been hearing concerns from small businesses all over her district about dealing with Obamcare's requirements.
"If we're going to say that for small businesses then how do you separate out that it should be different for individuals, it's a consistency thing." Bustos said, echoing an argument that House Republicans made throughout the debate on the House floor.

An argument lost two other colleagues of Bustos from Illinois: Tammy Duckworth and Bill Foster (Foster having voted for the abomidable bill in the first place).

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