Thursday, July 18, 2013


A clip from Betty's Blog (but please go read the whole thing) on Lisa Madigan's I know nothing style.

A tax group has been waiting a YEAR for her approval to sue her Don Cheech's buddies in Cicero ….somehow SHE has to approve the filing. How many other communities [where her Daddy is involved] have some similar lawsuits that she is "sitting on"? She went to the same school they all did, they learned the Shultz Doctrine and learned it well.
I think if you check you will see those communities ALL have insurance provided by her brother and guess how many of those people vote for this insanity over and over, they're bought and paid for and they sell their own lives and yours down the drain every election. No big deal right? The State is awash in scandal, broke, paying out billions to everyone who 'does the right things' for those in control of YOUR MONEY.
As attorney general, she should be filing charges of malfeasance and nonfeasance of office of EVERY legislature over the state's pension mess but the Shultz Doctrine seems to prevent that.

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