Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Affordable Care Act set to raise Premiums on 60% of small companies in Massachusetts

Avik Roy in Forbes on the mess the Affordable Care Act's created in Massachustts with rating factors that will result in 60% of small companies in Massachusetts experiencing premium increases.  Don Berwick of all people (now running for Gov in Mass himself) wants out (a waiver) from ACA rules.

This begs the question– could the state of Massachusetts build a legal case that establishes standing to sue the federal government since it was "harmed" by the denial of a full waiver?

While the politics of the state make this unlikely– the same would have been said about a waiver request six months ago.

Stirring the pot further, came the news that Don Berwick supports efforts to obtain more flexibility from the ACA.

The former CMS chief, and now Democratic candidate for governor, was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying "I'm happy to see us [Massachusetts] request latitude to continue what, I think, is an important example for the country."
We all want waivers Don.  We all do.

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