Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Drogan vote in the Illinois GOP Central Committee

A good comment from Illinois Review,
We shouldn't lose sight of the those who voted for Nalepa - Oberweis, Dawson, Peterson, Winchester, and Syverson. Those who voted to maintain IL's lowly status quo were Kachiroubas, Daglas, Diekelman, Saviano, Garcia, Donovan, Dorgan, Clarke, Dudek, Bigger, Shaw, Claar, and Detmers. Though I hope I'm wrong about Dorgan, let's not forget that it was him who turned to a very upset audience at the April 13th SCC meeting in Tinley Park and said "Please, it's not your meeting." Though arguably and technically true, the underlying tone and attitude of Dorgan was one of utter dismissiveness to anyone who would question the party insiders.
Few pay much attention to the State Central Committee.  Time we started.  Remember these names and votes.

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