Friday, June 07, 2013 Caterpillar CEO backs GOP businessman for governor

Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman said Thursday that his frustration over the state government's financial mess has led him to look beyond Illinois' elected leadership for a solution, endorsing businessman Bruce Rauner in his bid for governor.
Oberhelman has been one of the most vocal critics of how Illinois has handled its pension crisis, budget deficit and other financial affairs. He said after his Thursday appearance at a downtown Peoria hotel that he'd never before endorsed a candidate.

It's gonna take more than fresh air to fix Illinois, and the problem with the Business guys is they've been too willing and too scared not to play ball with the powers-that-be. 


Rauner's got to sound a whole lot more decisvie on all the issues and quit waffling on Same-Sex-Marriage, and any other wedge issues that arise.  We need the frankness on what needs to be done that comes from courage, character, and conviction.  Rauner's shown that with the Unions but not with much else yet IMO.

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