Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kirk Dillard at Illinois Center Right Coalition Convention

I attended yesterday's Center Right Coalition convention in Elgin and heard Kirk Dillard make an unscheduled speech to the group.  Dillard said he aligned perfectly with the group's program and if Dan Proft opted to stay out of the primary there'd only be two such conservatives; and Dillard would be the only one of them electable in the general.

Group received Dillard well I thought.  Surprised me a little but as a friend said, Dillard may be the guy we all end up with.


Jon Zahm said...

Thank you for coming and reporting on the ICRC convention.

I do believe Kirk Dillard is the best choice for conservative voters in the field of candidates.

Bill Baar said...

I thought he made a pretty good appeal at the convention. I would have no problems supporting him.