Friday, June 07, 2013

Joe Walsh Town Hall event tomorrow

Joe Walsh's holding a Town Hall tomorrow (via WalshFreedom).  Should be an event with all that's  happened this past week.
The IRS targets and harasses Americans based on their political beliefs and spends $50m on lavish conferences to teach employees how to line dance, the White House plays politics with intelligence to cover up a terrorist attack and lies to the American people, Eric Holder spies on journalists, and now we find out our government is secretly collecting our phone records, emails, and internet usage. And, oh yes, we're almost $100t in debt, the real unemployment rate is close to 15%, and Obamacare is leading to huge premium increases and doctor shortages.
I've had it! We have to stop this! This is not the Country our Founders created. Our politicians in both Parties don't get it. It is truly time to take this Country back from them!
Join me, Congressman Joe Walsh, talk show host on AM560 The Answer, this Saturday, June 8th at 1pm at Jersey's Pizza and Grill in Hoffman Estates if you've had it as well. We'll discuss what we have to do to stop this headlong rush into an America our kids and grand kids will never forgive us for.
Jersey's is located at 2360 Lakewood Blvd, Hoffman Estate, IL. I'll be there from 1-2:30pm.
Join me, stop by and be prepared to fight for this great Country. We don't have much time.

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