Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jeanne Ives at Illinois Center Right Convention

Heard Representative Ives at the convention yesterday. She's got a very impressive down-to-earth way of explaining how Springfield works, and the ways it's closed to anyone to figure out what's working (Madigan Cullerton and Co retreat behind closed doors for the real dealing).

Ives gave some a couple examples of how she at least tries to nail 'em down on their stands and in this case, make them face their own words.  Ives said Elaine Nekritz was sheperding another pension holiday for Chicago Public Schools through the House.  Ives turned up Nekritz's prior statements on the irresponsiblity of a previous holiday and had them read into the record.  Embarrassment killed the current bill.

Unions hate  Ives so watch for them to recruit a phony Republican to primary her.

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