Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Enroll America's database of Americans and their insurance status

Via Modern Healthcare's Enroll America kicking off its ACA push, but hospitals and insurers have their own campaigns
....the group is using data analytics to find the uninsured and will use social-networking tools, phone calls, mailed items and door-to-door visits to reach them. And it will host strategy sessions to educate volunteers about what they need to know about the campaign before they educate members of the public. In addition to working with partners across the country—including hospitals, insurers, drug companies, businesses, retailers and labor groups—Enroll America's events this week will involve having a presence in communities, including a table at a farmer's market in Austin, Texas, and visiting churches on Sunday.
Curious where that database of Americans the non-government, volunteers, from Enroll America will do their analytics on comes from.  Who controls that database?  Will it have health information on it?  It certainly must have a flag for insured or not.  Who has custody of this database and how will it be used in the future, and by whom?
The governments punting it's mission to the vendors who will gain billions from the government's program.  We don't have a clue how it all works.


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